Just rain sounds

A simple, mobile data friendly rain sounds app that works offline.

About Just Rain Sounds

Just rain sounds is the simplest, most lightweight rain sounds app.

We all experience overstimulation and loss of focus from the ambient sounds and voices around us.

Popping on headphones and playing rain sounds is the perfect way to block out ambient noise and regain focus.

The most simple rain sounds app

I created just rain sounds to be the perfect rain sounds app. Other rain sound apps come with the high cognitive load and force users to make multiple decisions before playing a rain sound: just rain sounds simply presents the best rain sounds and plays them with one tap.

Start listening to relaxing rain sounds in seconds. Just open the app, pick your favourite sound, and press play.

Just rain sounds uses very little data - each rain sound requires only a one-time download of a small audio file. After the first play, every subsequent play will use the cached file and require no extra data.

Full offline functionality

Just rain sounds works perfectly offline. After the first play of each rain sound, checkmark icon will indicate that the rain sound is available to be played offline.